Welcome Winter 2017 Photo Special

I used to do what every mid-western person did when November came – “I hate winter, I hate snow!”. Since then, my mind has changed.

Now, I won’t lie. Frigid temperatures are still not my favorite thing in the world, and I still am stupid enough to forget gloves and have to scrape off my windshield with bare hands (and sometimes no window scraper because I forgot that too). But alas, those things aside, winter really is beautiful.

The way the world seems to fall into a contented silence when the snow starts to fall –  eerie… yet undoubtedly calming as the stillness sets in. The only thing you can hear is the slight whisper from the wind and a gentle groan of the frozen trees as they sway to and fro. Its the way a field looks with undisturbed fresh blanketed snow in the morning glow. And the ever excellent excuse to make hot chocolate, chilli, and homemade bread twice a week each as you cuddle under piles of blankets (If I figure out a way to cook covered in a blanket, I’ll let you know. Its a tricky technique.).

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the Cleveland winter and the cold by going out and spending time in beautiful nature and appreciating our loved ones and our planet and snapping some rad photos while we hang out. Or, we can stay inside and cozy up and shoot rad photos with blankets and coffee with your loved one/s  and even boudoir. I’m totally down for both, all the above. Especially coffee and homemade bread. Mmmm. Bread.

So just for you we’ve got two specials – details are listed below!


Good for all  –  $100

-One location (on location or studio/indoor)

-One outfit

-Edited images in password protected online gallery with print release

-8×10 or 11×14 print

*good for family sessions, boudoir, and portraits (senior, creative head shots, children)*


The Extra Goods – $150

-One Location (on location or studio/indoor)

-Two outfits

-Edited images in password protected online gallery with print release

-8×8 hardcover photo book for gifting (you can totally upgrade the book size for an additional fee!)

*good for boudoir, engagement, and family/children photos*


These prices do not go towards: weddings, large family sessions (6+people). Extra outfits and locations are $50 each. Traveling is welcome, there will however be a travel fee if driving over 40 minutes. Fee is based off of location.

Email me today and book your winter session! This promo will be good now through March 2017.