Asa & Suz – Cleveland Engagement Photography

When the weather is a whopping 62 degrees in the beginning of February in Cleveland, what do you do? You go out to the Cleveland Museum of Art and do an engagement session. Then, for part two, you go to Rising Star Coffee (who by the way, has THE best coffee in Cleveland, Ohio!) out in Hingetown on another freakishly beautiful weather day in February.

Mother nature definitely favored us.

Or, the groundhog was actually right and spring is getting an early start this year. Either way, we had gorgeous weather for gorgeous photos and thats all that matters!

Can we please take a minute to admire how GORGEOUS Suzs’ ring is!? And how cute these two are?! Its almost too much. Almost (but not really).

I want to take a moment to give a HUGE shout out to Rising Star Coffee Roasters in Hingetown for letting us come by and photograph there. They’re the best people ever, and they make incredible coffee. Try the Cardamom Bomb latte…you won’t regret it. I had 3 of them in a span of 4 days, and I’m not even ashamed. Go now!

Now, on to some photos!

Asa&Suz part one-8Asa&Suz part one-39Asa&Suz part one-22Asa&Suz part one-49Asa&Suz part one-69Asa&Suz part one-12Asa&Suz part one-86RisingStar-58RisingStar-3