Affordable Boudoir Photography Spring Special

You guys…has the weather been toying with anyone else’s emotions too? I mean…60 degrees suddenly back down to 30…back up to 50 then down to 20…its exhausting! Apparently the groundhog has predicted an early arrival of spring, but at the rate things are going, who knows if that will actually happen – I’ll believe it when I see it! But, all this up and down had us thinking about spring and how lovely it is and how we miss it. So, why not do an affordable boudoir photography & spring special inside the studio?!

Anastasia Boudoir-27

Want some details? Here we gooooo:

-You get to hang out with me for an hour

-You get to choose up to 2 outfits. If you don’t want 2 outfits, no big deal! You can have just 1 outfit.

-20 *edited* hi-resolution images with a print release


This is a fantastic opportunity to finally do those boudoir photos that you’ve always wanted to do – whether its for your husband/boyfriend/fiance/girlfriend/wife (in case you were wondering, we don’t discriminate anyone here and believe everyone deserves to love and marry whom they wish regardless of their gender) or even just for you. Lets be honest, you don’t need to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend to feel sexy and great about yourself. Boudoir isn’t just for someone else’s viewing pleasure, its for YOU, too. Its for everyone!

BUT WAIT! There’s more…

^I chuckled out loud when I wrote that. Embracing my inner game show host over here…

The spring special isn’t just for boudoir! Really, this is an awesome opportunity to bring the kids in (newborns, babies, toddlers + older) for some updated photos, family photos (pets ARE welcome, but we’d need to know ahead of time), photos of you and your significant other just because, Easter pictures, headshots & portraits, Senior photos…I could go on, but then I would start to sound really boring.  Its just a great excuse to get photos taken and have a good time!


Head back on over to the website and scroll down to the bottom – shoot me an email! Or, if you don’t feel like scrolling;

These will run for a limited time, so contact us soon!