Or you can call me Fox - I go by either. For the last 10 years I've been behind the camera traveling and witnessing some of the most incredible love, laughter and even happy tears with the raddest humans on the planet.

From the stunning mountains in California, Colorado and Washington all the way to Brighton UK, combining my passions for travel and love just makes my heart go pitter-patter!

I have an intense love for travel, dogs, plants, matcha, green beauty, tattoos, art, cooking + baking, interior design and all things nature.

Photography by Ariel Lynn

My main goal is to make you laugh with bad jokes, and document you as you are. Not some fake version of yourself. Lets go grab a pizza, or a beer, or ice cream. Get drenched in a lake or ocean. Hike in the most beautiful mountains. Roll around in a field. Or hang out in our pj's in your house drinking coffee. Whatever your vision is, the possibilities are endless and I'd absolutely love to tag along with you on this journey.

Your love is incredible and deserves to be documented exactly as it is: you + yours. So whether you're dreaming of going somewhere fantastic and beautiful, a backyard shindig, a city soiree, or a hootenanny in your hometown I'd love to be your third-wheel + professional hype woman. I'll talk your ear off about dogs or plants, the places we've been and exchange our best dad jokes. Whatever it is, lets have fun!

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